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We understand that purchasing a new kitchen or updating an existing one is a big deal. There is a lot to understand and a lot to decide. We hope this page helps answer some of your questions. If it hasn't, let us know and we will add to it.


How long does an order take?

Ikea retrofit projects typically take five to six weeks depending on the complexity of the order. Lead time is calculated from the time we have your final approval as well as the deposit or payment.


Do you offer design services?

We do not offer kitchen design services. Most of our customers use IKEA’s 3D Kitchen Planner either in store or online. Alternatively you can use an online IKEA design service such as Inspired Kitchen Design or work with a local freelance kitchen designer.

Can you come to my home and take measurements?

We do not provide a measuring service. Depending on where you are located we may be able to assist with recommendation of local companies that do provide those services.


Can you match the IKEA door designs?

We don’t match or copy any of the IKEA doors styles (new or old). We offer alternative door designs that fit the IKEA cabinets. Some of our door styles may be similar but we do not suggest mixing them with current IKEA product as it may result in an undesirable result. We recommend replacing all the fronts with a new style or colour so you have a consistent look throughout.

Can you make panels to match my doors?

Yes we can. In fact our "door design" custom panels are made the same way we do for the high end custom shops. The panels are a key ingredient to elevating your project to a high end appearance.

Can you provide retro-fit doors for PAX wardrobes?

We are focused strictly on the kitchen cabinetry system. Akurum (1992-2014) and the current Sektion system (2015 +).

Do you offer custom sizes for your IKEA retrofit doors?

Yes. You can order size door or drawer front that you need.

Do you build cabinets?

No we do not build any cabinets.

Are the doors drilled for hinges?

Yes the drawers and drawer fronts are pre-drilled to align perfectly into the IKEA cabinets. We do not pre-drill for handles nor does IKEA.

How thick are your doors /panels?

Five piece doors are 13/16″ thick. MDF doors are 3/4″ thick. Slab Panels are 3/4″ thick.

Can you match IKEA doors for an addition or replacement that IKEA no longer offers?

No we cannot. If your IKEA door style is currently in production go to IKEA. If your style is discontinued then we recommend considering changing out a section of the kitchen with a complimentary style. Fortunately two-colour kitchens and kitchens with two styles or door are in trend and the trend is growing.

How much do your wood dovetail drawers cost?

Dovetail drawers are priced by size. The bigger the drawer the more it will cost. To budget your project estimate $80 per drawer. The drawer slides are $40 per pair of Blum soft close undermount slides.


What type of paint do you use?

We use professional quality post-catalyzed lacquer over top of two coats of professional primer. It is the highest quality paint available.

What type of wood do you use for painted doors?

We use hard maple for the stiles and rails and a MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) center panel. MDF finishes smoothly and is dimensionally stable which is very desirable for painted doors.

Can you match IKEA colours?

No. There are too many variables involved such as the year of manufacture, sun exposure, cleaning methods and general colour aging. We suggest replacing doors in groups using a complimentary colour for the most appealing result.

Do you paint on-site?

We do not offer on site painting. We supply painted doors, ready to be installed onto IKEA’s cabinet boxes.

I want to use two different colours in my kitchen. Can you do that?

Yes we can paint two different colours on a project. In fact we do it fairly often as two tone kitchens are on the uptrend.


Do painted slab doors cost the same as shaker doors?

Painted slab doors are approximately 25% less expensive than painted shaker doors.


Do you ship outside of Ontario?

We ship across Canada (and the US) several times a week. Your doors will be wrapped in foam and further protected in a sturdy crate constructed from plywood with a skid base. Crates are shipped by contracted carriers and can be delivered to your residence. The driver can place the crate outside on your driveway using a lift gate. You simply remove the top from the crate and bring the foam wrapped doors inside. The crate material is yours to keep (re-purpose) or dispose.


Do you have samples available?

Yes, if the sample is in stock. We do charge nominal for certain larger samples. If a sample is not in stock and has to be produced we charge a nominal charge.

What do I need to get a quote?

We will need your IKEA planner files in order to quote.

Is the IKEA kitchen planning file a requirement in order to get a quote or place an order?

The Ikea planner is the best tool for us to understand your needs. However, we can often work from sketches, or other types of architectural drawings. If you have something that you think may work then please email it to us. We will take a look and let you know if it is clear enough to produce a quote.



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