How To Order

Start with the Design

If you are planning a new kitchen use Ikea's online planning tool to design your layout, select your cabinets and generate a detailed item list.

Search Our Online Catalog Using Cabinet Part Numbers

An easy way to find retrofit options is to enter the part number for the Ikea cabinet frame that you want to retrofit with doors.

Search for the Cabinet Part # from the Item List

The cabinet frame is always the first item listed in the item explosion and is described as a cabinet frame. Enter the part number as it appears on the item list.

Note: Ikea sometimes displays part numbers with separators. For example: 202.653.96 - Do not enter the separating periods when searching our catalog or the item may not be found.

Choose Your Item Configuration

You may be presented with several different door / drawer configurations for the cabinet you entered. Choose what you want. Contact us if the configuration you desire is not listed. We can produce any size or combination of items needed even if they are not shown. We have catalogued most of the most popular options.

Choose Your Item Options

Once you have chosen the configuration you want, chose the options you want and add it to your cart. In many cases the colour option is presented as "standard" or "custom". The standard options are listed on our colour page {link} and will price the same. "Custom" provides you the option to pick any Benjamin Moore colour. Of course, choosing "Custom" is slightly more expensive.

Choose End Panel Solutions

After all door and drawer front retrofits have been chosen you need to decide where end panels are needed. Examine your layout and choose "Slab" panels when a panel is in between cabinets or is aligned to a countertop end. "Door Design" end panels are a recommended upgrade to for exposed outside ends of cabinet runs.

Choose Trim Components

You will need toekick to finish off under the cabinets. Toekick is finished on all sides and edges so it may be recut into fillers if needed. Under cabinet lighting should be hidden with light valance. Calculate the lineal feet neededand order accordingly.

Select Trim from the Catalog

Browse the trim section of the catalogue. Remember to increase the quantity if multiple pieces are needed.

Please contact us if you have questions, need help or can offer suggestions to improve this web page. Use this online form or call us at 905-673-8700.

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